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Le Café du Musée
Living Legends Program & Cajun Jam Session

The Living Legends program is free and open to the public. It is held once a month, always on Saturday at 4:00. For specific dates, call 1-337-937-0012.

If you would like to nominate a Living Legend for consideration, please email us.


The Acadian Museum
203 South Broadway
Erath, Louisiana 70533
(337) 233-5832

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Living Legends

Since 1997, the museum has recognized and honored those individuals who help shape and define our Cajun culture.

Living Legends is sponsored by the Acadian Museum of Erath, a non-profit organization and is held at the Museum Café located at 102 E. Edwards St. in Erath one Saturday per month. The free program includes a Cajun Jam Session from 2 PM until 6 PM featuring traditional French Cajun Country & Western music. All local musicians are invited to join in.

If you wish to nominate an individual into the Order of Living Legends, please send your request either by U.S. Mail to Acadian Museum, P.O. Box 53597 or by email to perrin@plddo.com along with the contact information for the nominee (email, mailing address and phone number)
Warren A. Perrin

Living Legends Induction Dates

January 24, 2015 :: Burnell Lemoine
March 21, 2015 :: Ray Landry
May 16, 2015 :: Donald "Don" Breaux

Abshire, Richard Franklin
Abshire, Leo *
Adams, Milton
Allan, Johnnie
Anders, Smiley
Andrepont, Philip
Aubé, Lousay *
Authement, Elmo C. *
Babineaux, Romona
Babineaux, Judge Allen *
Babineaux-Blanco, Kathleen
Balfa, Nelda
Bares, Senator Allen *
Baudoin, Molsey
Baudoin, Jr., Wilmer *
Begnaud, Ralph *
Belleau, Herbert
Bergeron, Paul
Bergeron, Pete
Bernard, Alice
Bernard, Betty
Bernard, Lee
Bernard, Rod
Berry, Minnie
Bertinot, Gerald
Bertrand, Dr. John A.
Bienvenu, Marcelle
Bollich, James
Boudreaux, Deno Joseph
Boudreaux, Helen
Boudreaux, Evelyn *
Bourgeois, Jr., Clement *
Bourque, Ph.D., Darrell
Bradshaw, Jim
Breaux, Richard "Dickie"
Brinkhaus, Armand
Broussard, August
Broussard, Charles E.
Broussard, Daniel
Broussard, Don Louis
Broussard, Donnie
Broussard, Dr. William J.
Broussard, Judge Marcus
Broussard, Wallace
Broussard, Willie
Broussard, Arthur Roland *
Broussard, Chester Isaac *
Broussard, J. Maxie *
Broussard, Ruth *
Broussard, Young A. *
Broussard, Sr., Brady
Broussard, Sr., Noe Raymond
Bruce, Vin
Bulliard, Janie
Butaud, Gerald
Cajun du Nord,
Campbell, James Patrick
Carnahan, Norman
Castille, Hadley J. *
Chapman, Will
Clark, Gladys *
Clavelle, Iva
Comeau, Dr. Jean-Douglas
Conlin, Gloria
Conrad, Glen *
Cormier, Elton "Bee"
Cormier, Nolan
Cormier, Sheryl
Courville, Matthew
Creswell, Henery Mack
Creswell, Tim
Darbone, Luderin *
Dardeau, Jimmy
David, Joseph Bernie Wayne *
Delafose, Tony
Delahoussaye, Vergie
Delcambre, Euda *
Derouen, Conrad C. *
Domingues, Bill
Domingues, Ed
Doucet, Camey
Doucet, Judge Ned
Douglas, Joe
Dronet, Brandon *
Dronet, Sr, Curney J.
Duhon, Dudley
Duhon, Edwin
Edmondson, Gary
Edwards, The Honorable former Gov. Edwin
Evans, Una Brousard *
Faragher, Dr. John Mack
Fontenot, Mary Alice *
Forcier, André
Foster, Governor Mike
Gagneaux, Stanley *
Gary, Russell
Gauthier, Lester
Gayneaux, Lester & Dorothy *
Gayneaux, Jr., Ulysse J.
Gill, Ken
Goutierrez, Lynn *
Granger, Dr. Glynn
Granger, Willis & Edith
Guidry, "Nonc" Jules
Guidry, Mary Lou
Guidry, R. Martin
Guidry, Seth
Guidry, Richard J. *
Guillory, Kristie
Hardy, Paul
Hardy, Minos *
Hayes, Hunter
Hebert, Florine

Hebert, Hazel *
Honoré, Lt. Gen. Russel L.
Hulin, T. K.
Joubert, Curtis
Kearley, Jane
Kendrick, Ethel *
Krogh, Elsbeth
La Fayette, Comte Gilbert
La Fleur, Joseph V. *
LaComb, Sonya
Lamson, Alfred *
Landry, Bernice
Langlinais, Stephen
Larroque, Charles
LeBlanc, A. J.
LeBlanc, Belva & Aldon*
LeBlanc, Brigadier General Robert
LeBlanc, Elwood Paul
LeBlanc, Paul J.
LeBlanc, Stanley
LeBlanc (Lee James), Leewood
LeBlanc, Clifford “T-Cliff” *
LeBlanc, Dotsie *
LeBlanc, Dr. Edward *
LeBlanc, Edward Joseph *
LeBlanc, Relie *
LeBlanc, Sr., George *
LeBoeuf, Richard
Lees, Nancy
Lemaire, Sheriff Ray
Lemmon, Justice Harry T.
Lenoir, Nicole *
Lerille, Red
Lopez, Joe
Louviere, Donald
Lyons, Chef Roy
Maraist, Christy
Martin, Junior & Patsy
Marx, Paul
Menard, D. L.
Menard, Lou Ella *
Michot, Freres
Michot, Louis *
Miller, Judge Minos *
Miller, Kermit
Miller, Larry
Miller, Redell "Mama Redell"
Miller, Ruth *
Montoucet, Don
Morgan, Jr., Elemore *
Moss, Roxie
Mould, Chef Patrick
Mouton, Senator Edgar
Mouton, Zydeco Joe *
Muise, Norma
Naquin, Kevin
Newman, Jimmy C. *
Norman, Tommy & Jean
Nunez, Jonas Donald *
Peré, J. B.
Peré, John
Perrin, Ella Mae *
Petitjean, Dave *
Picard, Earl "Nickey"
Picard, Shelton C.
Picard, Cecil *
Pierce, Dave
Placer, Maria
Prejean, Clercy
Putnam, Judge Richard J. *
Resweber, Pat
Richard, Becky & Patrick
Richard, Belton
Richard, Eddie *
Roach, Calvin J. *
Rochefort, Frank
Rodrigue, George
Romero, Laura Mae *
Romero, Sr., Rep. Errol
Saloom, Jr., Judge Kaliste
Sanders, Rev. Perry *
Savoy, Shirley *
Schoeffler, Harold
Segura, Sr., Robert *
Simon, Allen
Simon, J. Minos *
Soileau, Floyd
Sonnier, Jo-El
Stansbury, Mike
Storm, Warren
Suire, Johnnie *
The Hackberry Ramblers,
The Young Aces,
Thibodeaux, Cleve *
Thompson, Hugh *
Tochet, Arconge
Touchet, Calvin
Touchet, Clifford
Touchet, Donna
Touchet, Eva
Toups, Wayne
Toups, Emery *
Trahan, Brenda & Ray
Trahan, James
Viator, Kira
Vice, Farrell *
Vincent, Inez
Vincent, Clyde *
Wadlington, Donald R.
Waggoner, Dr. May
Weil, Gus
Zuschlag, Richard

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