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 The Acadian Museum

The Acadian Museum honors and preserves
the Cajun culture and Acadian heritage of Southwest Louisiana.
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The Acadian Museum
203 South Broadway
Erath, Louisiana 70533
(337) 456-7729

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Only through your donations and volunteer work can we continue our mission of keeping the Cajun culture alive. Here's what we aim to do and how you can help.

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To help the museum, you can volunteer or donate to fund our projects. As part of our 31st anniversary, your participation and tax-deductible1 dollars will help us continue to:
  • Keep the museum open daily to serve as a prime destination for tourism in South Louisiana.
  • Sponsor and financially support a newly-formed organization called Les Amis du Français en Vermilion.
  • Represent our region at the Congres mondial acadien and the Grand Reveille Acadien.
  • Help Dr. Jason Theriot transcribe interviews for his upcoming book, Frenchie: The Story of the French-Speaking Cajuns in WWII (UL Press).
  • Digitize our videotapes of rare and valuable interviews with cultural icons and create our very own YouTube TV Channel.
  • Support archeological efforts to find remnants of the first Acadian settlement in Louisiana.
  • Promote Acadiana as a World Heritage Site "twinned" with Grand-Pré, NS.
  • Promote French immersion schools.
  • Continue our Living Legends program.
  • Create and publish our newsletter (La Parole).
You can donate online by clicking on the Donate button above. Or send your check to The Acadian Museum, P.O. Box 53597, Lafayette, LA 70505.

1The Acadian Museum is a Louisiana 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All contributions are tax-deductible.
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